Young Visionaries of 2018

Date(s) - 01/06/2018 - 01/31/2018
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Little Loomhouse


Young Visionaries of 2018

Saturday, Jan 6th – Wednesday, Jan 31st

Opening Reception is 11am-4pm on Saturday, January 6th.


This is a multi-media show of Artists under the age of 30 that live, work and create art in the Louisville and Southern Indiana area.

Artists in the Lou Tate Gallery include:

Julia Bays, a graduate of Floyd Central High School currently studying art at the University of Louisville. Grimlokk (Lafayierre Mitchell) is a recent alumnus of YouthBuild of Louisville. Kasey Scarbrough, a graduate of Dupont Manual Visual Arts program currently attending Jefferson Community and Technical College. Brianna Harlan, recent graduate of Hanover College, and Jessie Lane, a recent graduate of the University of Louisville and currently working at the Speed Art Museum will be showing and signing copies of his new novel during the opening reception.

A performance by:

Thea Henry, recent graduate of Dupont Manual Youth Performing Arts School and currently attending Marymount Manhattan College in NYC will be performing in the Top House studio at 4 pm, Saturday, Jan 6th.

Julia Bays, 19, is currently studying 2D art at the University of Louisville. She enjoys drawing and printmaking, and typically creates mixed media artwork. Her work focuses mainly on portraits. She tends to work in small sketchbooks with easily portable materials because she draws loved ones at their homes, or at coffee shops, or on campus. Observing people in places that they’re comfortable, as opposed to in a studio setting, gives Julia a better insight into how these people really look and act in their daily lives. 

Alleyway in West Louisville

Grimlokk has been taking photographs seriously for the past two years.  

“I like to take nature walks, and I take photographs on the walks. There are also places I like to take photographs in between the natural places I am going.  I chose these pictures because they are Louisville places from all parts of the city.

I only use natural light in my photographs, so the time of day determines the light and timing of my pictures of places. When I go somewhere, I like to stay in the place for a while. That is why I end up with a lot of pictures of sunsets.

A still-life photo has life in it. It can be more detailed than live action ones. I want to pass on my aesthetics, so viewers can see what I see. These pictures show urban aesthetics.  City aesthetics can have a melancholy effect and can also make the sunset more beautiful.

I like to go places at different times of the days and nights to sit and think in peace. The pictures remind me there are still places where I can find peace. My purpose in taking the pictures is bringing back the peace, like the peace in an empty sky. I keep the pictures on my phone, so I can refer back to nature pictures when I am in urban places and vice versa.” 

Brianna Harlan is a printmaker, photographer, and multimedia artist that explores the crafted relationships we have with ourselves and each other. She is a Louisville native creative with an art degree from Hanover College. Brianna uses Radical Vulnerability and a Social Practice Art approach to make her art connect and cross mediums, demographics, and social boundaries. She is interested in taking her process on the road to explore how human commonalities are present in the variety of the individual, and how social and cultural dynamics affect both. Brianna’s work can be found around the city and through partner projects with institutions. In addition to making, she enjoys teaching and curating. 

Thea Henry is 19, and currently a sophomore BFA Acting student at Marymount Manhattan College in NYC. She was raised here in Louisville, KY and considers Louisville to be her artistic backbone, inspired by how this city and the people it it have shaped her ways of thinking and viewing this world.

In this ‘solo mio’ piece Thea Henry discusses the limits of society through voice and movement in the hopes of ‘waking up’ our community and challenging our population to find the other perspectives life can be viewed in order to find YOUR OWN beneficial frame of living.


Kasey Scarbrough is 21, and currently studying to get an associates degree in applied sciences as an automotive technician. She enjoys sketching warped portraits using pen and ink, along with mix media painting. She appreciates the texture of many surfaces such as wood, stone, and pulpy paper. As well as uses vibrant colors to convey the tone of the pieces she creates. She does not usually have a subject she bases her art off of, many of her pieces are completely improvised.