Young Visionaries of 2019

Date(s) - 01/05/2019 - 02/23/2019
11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Little Loomhouse


The Little Loomhouse presents in

The Lou Tate Gallery

Young Visionaries of 2019

Four Young Adults have been chosen to represent visual voices of the new year in this exhibition. Madinah Sipes, 2018 graduate of Eastern High School, currently attending Jefferson Community and Technical College; Daniel Flynn, a graduate candidate of The Kentucky School for the Blind, Austin Tuttle, an artist who has studied at home, with mentors and a member of Studio Works, and Claire Christine Chalson, University of Louisville 2D Art Major. Each Artist will bring their own distinct style and vision of their work in this exhibition. 

Opening Artist Reception is Saturday, Jan 5th from 1-4pm, free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served. 

Exhibition runs January 5th- February 23rd, Gallery Hours: Wed-Fri 10-2, Sat 11-4.

Fruits of LaborMy botanical works explore methods in the world of relief printmaking and representative of my growth over the year I have spent here in Louisville… After graduating high school I moved to attend the University of Louisville, hesitant to let myself love the place I was in I dug deeper into the arts provided at my school…Through exploration of methods and styles I have really sparked a strong curiosity in the world of printmaking. -Claire Chalson

Kylo Ren

Anthropomorphic HorsesThe anthropomorphic horses that you see in all five of my pieces is a representation of one of many fantasy worlds that I have envisioned for myself. Each stallion represents a fictional character…I’ve always liked anthropomorphic animals, so I figured, it would be interesting to many people to see their favorite iconic movie characters as animals. I hope my viewers find these pieces comical, fun, unique, and/or innovative.  -Madinah Sipes


Egyptian Burial Preparations

Ancient Egypt and Early HominidsMy work in this exhibition depicts such things as ancient Egyptian Funeral preparations and symbols; as well as early hominids that were our ancestors… Drawing daily in my bedroom helped me emotionally as I felt different from others because of my autism. Although I sometimes still feel isolated, I realize autism has given me the depth that I have in my interests… -Austin Tuttle

Andy Warhol

Studying the Masters I discovered my love for art/painting when I read a book about Monet three years ago. I started trying to paint using the same techniques that he used. I then learned about Dali, Picasso and later Bob Ross and Andy Warhol. I started trying to paint using all of the different techniques that I learned from researching all of them… From my new site,, people can select pieces of my art and order them on hats, canvas, shirts and other things as well. Also half of the money made on the site will go to the Epilepsy Foundation of Kentuckiana. I also have a Facebook following at Daniel Flynn’s Art that features my signature smiley face.   -Daniel Flynn