Onsite Classes, Workshops and Lectures

Monthly Intro Classes

Spinning fiber into yarn

We offer introductory classes in both weaving and spinning. These classes typically take place between August through May, one Saturday afternoon a month and last approximately 1.5 hours. The cost is $25 with all supplies included. If a class that fits your schedule is not listed on the Upcoming Events page, please give us a call to set something up.


 Weaving Basics Course

We offer a Weaving Basics Course as an Independent study class. In this course you will learn the fundamentals of weaving: intro to the loom; planning & winding the warp chain; warping the loom; preparing to weave; and weaving. It gives you all of the information needed to start planning and weaving projects on your own. Please give us a call to schedule your first session. Course cost is $35 per course hour. 

Private Lessons/Independent Study

We offer Private Lessons/Independent Study with knowledgeable teachers in a variety of fiber processes. Lessons are $35 an hour and scheduled in advanced. Give us a call to set something up. 

Drop-In Weavings

Drop-In Weavings are designed for the whole family or the individual child, age 6 up to adults. These drop-in workshops are offered throughout the year, on Saturdays and during the weekdays when school is out of session. Participants create hand woven pieces to take home. Projects include purses, bags, cats on mats, mice in a bag and more. Drop-In Weavings typically last 2 hours and cost $25 with all supplies included. If a class that fits your schedule is not listed on the Upcoming Events page, please give us a call to set something up.

Yearly Summer Camps

We offer a variety of summer camps for ages 6-13 years. Our summer camps run Monday-Friday from 9-4pm, with both full and half-day experiences. Campers have the opportunity to weave on Little Looms everyday and take home projects based on the theme of the camp. Check the Up Coming Events page for this years selection and dates. Camps run $215 full-day/$125 half-day with scholarships available. 


Monthly Workshops

We offer a variety of monthly workshops in the following: needle felting, indigo dye, basket weaving, tapestry weaving, triangle loom weaving and more. 

For more information on new classes, workshops and lectures, Check out the Little Loomhouse Events page or give us a call at 502-367-4792, Wed-Fri 10am-2pm or Sat 11am-4pm.