Offsite Programs

The Little Loomhouse demonstrates weaving, spinning, and other fiber arts at community centers, libraries, museums, schools, festivals, and other community organizations. We can customize a workshop to meet your group’s needs, up to 30 students at a time. Lessons are designed to be 50 minutes in length.  Rates include materials. Scholarships are available for qualifying organizations, thanks to a generous grant from the Norton Foundation and private donors.

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Fiber & Spinning
K-3rd  Grades
1 class periods
Students will be introduced to different types of fiber and their uses, how wool is spun into yarn and how to ply yarn.  Students will take home a small amount of spun wool and friendship bracelet.

Loom Weaving 
1st-12th Grades
3-4 class periods (1st – 2nd grade) 3 class periods (3rd-12th grade)
$600 – $800
Students will weave on individual lap looms while rotating turns onto a Lou Tate Little Loom. Students will finish individual pieces for take-home and a group piece will be cut from little loom for classroom display. 

Loom Weaving with Fiber & Spinning

Spinning fiber into yarn

1st-12th Grades
4-5 class periods (1st-2nd grade) 4 class periods (3rd-12th grade)
This is a comprehensive program on fiber, from raw wool to woven piece. Students will take home a small amount of spun wool, woven pieces, and a group piece will be done on the Little Loom for classroom display.

Add a Fiber & Spinning Lesson to any of the programs below
1 additional class period
an additional $200
In this lesson, Students will complete a small amount of handspun wool to be used in designing and weaving any of the Visiting Artist Project below:

Navajo Connections 
1st-5th Grades
3 class periods
Students will learn about Navajo weaving traditions and will design and weave a miniature Navajo rug.

Kentucky Coverlet
4th – 12th Grades
3 class periods
Students will learn about the history and folk art tradition of weaving coverlets. Students will weave their own miniature coverlet to take home.

Dream Weavers
4th-12th Grades
2 class periods
Students will learn about the tradition of weaving Dream Catchers. Students will design and weave a personal dream catcher.Off Loom Weaving: in the Round
1sh-12th Grades
2-3 class periods
Students will be introduced to the art of Weaving in the Round. Students will design and weave their own pieces woven in the round.


Quilt Designs, 3rd-12th grades, 3 class periods, $600

Students learn about and use traditional quilt patterns to practice design and color theory, while creating colorful bandanas using basic measurement tools and fabric dye markers.

Stitching Animals, 2nd-12th grades, 3-4 class periods, $600-$800

The art of embroidery will be introduced from different cultures. Students will learn basic embroidery techniques, design and stitch their own animal or landscape. Elementary-Middle will explore stitching on burlap with yarn; High school on up will explore using cotton and embroidery floss.

Visiting Artist for the Day
K-12th Grades
Designed for 4-6 class 50 minute periods in one day
Please call for pricing
Bring a Little Loomhouse Artist to your School for the day. The perfect fit for Pioneer Day, Harvest Homecoming, or School Assembly. Demonstration includes an introduction to different types of fiber, how to spin wool into yarn, and weaving on the Little Loom.


The Lou Tate Foundation appreciates the opportunity to bring fiber arts into your classroom.